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Sheehan GOTV 1

Sheehan GOTV 2
This is a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) mailer done for Kathy Sheehan. This was part of over 40+ different pieces of print material done for her during her campaign. I continue to create materials for her years later. Having a content client and one that is longterm is something I enjoy. The brand evolves as the client does over the years, sometimes starting from scratch and sometimes building on the years of brand awareness. Her colors and the curved shape is something she carries through the majority of her materials.

Pavlic Mailer 1

Pavlic Mailer 2
This was an introduction mailer, designed to look like the easily recognizable Facebook. This mailer was awarded a Polly Award in 2014 and was so greatly liked it became a template for other candidates. This displays my attention to detail and the combined vision with my business partner to create an impactful and powerful first impression.


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