CS15870-01 Mozambique Infographic_R9
This infographic is displaying sustainability through Baker Hughes, a GE company. The challenge with this project was receiving the content with no direction in a Word document, really understanding the content and applying emphasis and imagery that is appropriate.
This infographic was used to summarize a commercial meeting, displaying worldwide opportunities by using clear and straight forward iconography.
CS15652-01 GEPAC Mission Infographic_R2
This political infographic for GE isn’t the most content heavy piece, but the way it has been organized makes it impactful.
CS15396-01 SenoBright Infographic_R9_8.5x11
This was a challenging infographic because of the lack of imagery. It solely depends on iconography and typography.
CS16411-01 Cyber Infographic_R2
The challenge with this infographic was the organization of information and to make sure the flow made sense. Emphasize the important numbers and wording while not making the focus on one part of the graphic.

An infographic is a visual way to display information or statistics. Usually dealing with icons that are eye catching and show what the numbers are speaking about quickly and effectively.

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